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Welcome to the MG Drivers Club Deutschland e.V.



In 1978 the MG Drivers Club Deutschland e.V. was founded as one of the biggest clubs of English single makes in Germany. Every MG enthusiast will find a home at our club, no matter if he/she already owns an MG or just loves to own this car. Do you have an affection for an MG PA, for a T-type of the post-war period, for an MGB or Midget of the „Swinging Sixties“ and „Roaring Seventies“ or even for a present model like the MGTF or MG ZT-T. Anyway, you are welcome! For more than 25 years the MG Drivers Club cultivates the tradition of the probably most popular make of sports cars in the world:
enjoyment of driving
support of one another maintaining our cars and of course
get-togethers with like-minded people.

Experts for the various MG types are at our club’s disposal. They would help with any questions and even lend a hand or advise the newcomer on purchasing an MG.
Every year we organize several big national meetings as well as regional events such as nice dinners in a relaxed atmospere, technical trainings, drives and sports events and not to forget the regular regional chapter meetings. The MG Drivers Club is represented on more than 30 regional chapters all over Germany, where enthusiasts of MG and of other classic cars, too, come together.
Foreign MG drivers travelling through Germany may benefit from these regional chapters in getting support or information about for instance attractions in our country or scenic routes. Those who wish to take part on our meetings (you’re very warm welcome) may turn to the regional chapter being responsible or to the international representative for any details. Our members receive our high-grade biannual MG DRIVERS MAGAZIN containing news about the club and the classic car scene, articles of MG history, reports on restorations and car trips/travels, technical tips, ads and reports on the classical racing and sports scene. Moreover, we inform our members of current club news by the MG Drivers Newsletter four times a year.If you can read a little in German we recommend to surf our German sites. Here we present the most MG types and provide some good advice for buying –easy to understand. Proudly we like to point out that our MG Talk is well accepted – not only in Germany but worldwide. Thus, also questions in English will be answered with pleasure.

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